Landscape Design and Management

Landscape Design for all sorts of projects outside the realm of the basic garden where quality design is paramount. With years of experience helping to tailor schemes to meet the individual needs of a project or client.

Release of Planning Conditions

Landscape conditions attached to new developments addressed: looking after the needs of the client whilst also meeting the requirements of the Local Planning Authority. Early negotiation with Planners on your behalf means can help to design out conditions later on. Liaison with the Local Planning Authority to discharge existing landscape conditions.

Planting Inspections, Management Plans & Specifications

Identifying what has been planted (commercial, highway or domestic), what has died and what needs replacing through compilation of a report to ensure that conditions are complied with and/or visual effect of planting schemes are fulfilled. Production of Management plans for new planting schemes to ensure that any new planting is given the best possible chance to establish.

Tree Surveys & Arboricultural Impact Assessments 

Qualified to survey and produce tree reports required for planning in accordance with industry standards, as well as Arboricultural Method Statements and Impact Assessments. A background in design means that solutions can be tailored to meet not only the needs of the client, but also those of the tree.

Visual Impact Assessment (VIA) & Landscape Character Assessment (LCA)

VIA and LCA Reports produced in order to ensure that the design proposals sit comfortably within the landscape. The results of the VIA and/or LCA report should then feed into the design process so that any issues are addressed at an early stage of the project.